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High Performance & Reliable Fully Managed Windows Servers

Fully Managed Dedicated Server

Our Fully Managed Dedicated Server is an ideal solution for clients who require a complete peace of mind for the Management of the Server. Having your own Managed Server from us will provide you with a much higher level of security, speed, and reliability without the extra burden for a Management Team.

Onyx Pleskr, is a powerful Hosting Management program included free with our Managed Servers that allows administrative access to the back end. Plesk gives you a lot more control and flexibility when managing large number of sites.


All You Need to Get Started : Freebies with Powerful Management


Free Server Hardening

All our Managed Servers are Hardened Free of Charge.


Free Plesk Panel

Free Plesk ( Worth $35 /Mo ) License is included.


Free Softaculous Premium

Softaculous Premium License Included with your Server.


Free DDoS Protection

All Plans Include a 25 - 50 Gbps DDoS Protection.


Free Server Setup & Transfer

Free Server Setup and File Transfer from Old Host.


Free 500 GB Backup VPS

250/500 GB Backup VPS for Offsite Backups Included.

XiNiX's Proactive vs Reactive Management

Reactive Management refers to a situation in which you can't – or don't – plan ahead for problems or opportunities. Instead, you react to them AFTER they happen. In contrast, Proactive Management happens when you plan ahead to avoid or manage problems.

XiNiX 24x7 ProActive Management : This is precisely where XiNiX differs and has an edge over the competititors. We Offer a 24x7 Proactive Monitoring backed by Auto Initiation of Analysis and Actions if needed.

For Example, If your server load is High, Before you tell us, we automatically get notified via our Server Level Load Monitors and our Engineers shall be working on the causes & their resolution.

Fully Managed Windows Dedicated Servers : With Free Plesk Panel

We offer a full array of server management services with our dedicated servers executed by a team of specialised technicians. Server management includes installation and maintenance of standard software packages, IIS Web Server, MsSQL Server, MailEnable / SmarterMail Server Configuration, security monitoring, Management and technical support.

Free OS
Amd FX 6 Core
6 Cores / 12 Threads
8 GB
1 x 500 GB HDD
30 TB
1 Gbps
5 IPs
$ 59.9 /Mo
€ 98.65 /Mo
₹ 6999 /Mo
Dual Intel Xeon 5080
4 Cores / 8 Threads
16 GB
2 x 500 GB HDD
30 TB
1 Gbps
5 IPs
$ 69.9 /Mo
€ 138.65 /Mo
₹ 9799 /Mo
Intel Xeon Dual 5420
4 Cores / 8 Threads
16 GB
1 x 250 GB HDD
30 TB
1 Gbps
5 IPs
$ 79.9 /Mo
€ 138.65 /Mo
₹ 9799 /Mo
Intel Xeon Dual 5520
4 Cores / 8 Threads
16 GB
1 x 4 TB HDD
30 TB
1 Gbps
5 IPs
$ 89.9 /Mo
€ 138.65 /Mo
₹ 9799 /Mo

The "X" Factor : What Makes Us Really Different ?

XiNiX™ Servers are extremely reliable and fully feature packed. Our servers are well suited, and tailored specifically for Clients who want a smooth, and complete Hosting Experiance at affordable prices.

General Features & Includes

DDoS Protection

Your Dedicated Server will be protected against DDOS attacks by our best-in-class Denial of Service Mitigation system.

Multiple OS Choices

Choose from over 20 operating systems including CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, SUSE and Scientific Linux.

RAID 10 SSD Caching

SSD Cache based RAID-10 arrays provide Maximum I/O for your server ensuring fast and responsive services.

Quick Server Setup

Your customized dedicated server will be set up just how you ordered it, typically within 6 Hours - 3 Business Days.

Outstanding Network

Our dedicated servers include a 1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet port standard on every server for fast data Transfers.

IPMI / KVM over IP

Most servers include KVM over IP remote console via IPMI or DRAC, giving you total control for your server.

Our Dedicated Servers use Enterprize Grade Hardware and are based on Supermicro™ , HP and Dell Chasis.

Superb Global Connectivity

Superb OS Choices : You get over 20+ OS Images !

Windows Server 2012
Free BSD
Windows Server 2008
Arch Linux

Let Us Do It For You : Free Conntrol Panel Install !

Kloxo-MR ( a Kloxo Fork ) is one of the advanced open source and free web hosting control panel for RHEL / CentOS / Debain. This lightweight web panel included all the leading control panel features such as FTP, PHP, MYSQL, Perl, CGI, Apache Spam Filter and much more.

We can also Install VestaCP, CentOS Web Panel and Webmin for Free. After You Order a Server, Simply Open a Ticket for Free Kloxo / Panel Install. Some Features of These Panels :

  • RHEL / CentOS 5 / 6 / 7 Support
  • Support for Apache, Lighttpd, and FTP
  • Easily Backup/Restore entire Hosting
  • Full Control of DNS, Webmail, Spam filter ad more
  • Manage MySQL databases with PhpMyAdmin

Total DDoS Sheild : Our 20 Gbps DDoS Sheild

During a DDoS attack a website or an entire network are attacked by multiple computers at the same time. A failure of the server is mostly the consequence. Typically, DDoS attacker try to overload the access link, the firewall resources and, or the Web and database servers.

Thanks to the DDoS Sheild at XiNiX powered by Voxility at the analysis of the related traffic data is quick. The traffic is adjusted by a cluster of filter systems, which is then transmitted to your server.

All our Shared and Reseller Clients protected with 20Gbps of Protection.

We are Always there for You : The real 24x7 Support

XiNiX's commitment to customer service is unparalleled in the industry with 24x7 expert local service available. We offer fast and friendly local expert assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You wont find that commitment of service, or expert level of staff anywhere but here at XiNiX .

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we do offer Fully Managed VPSs, SSD VPSs, and Dedicated Servers. For more detailed information please visit our Support.


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