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Cloud.X™ : Plans & Feature Details

All recurring fees are assessed hourly. Our control panel makes it easy to check on your current recurring expenses, check historical charges, and analyze your spending. We accept payments via credit card, Paypal, Bitcoin, or Interac e-Transfer.

We feature a 10gbps internal network with 1gbps external connectivity in all regions, and exclusively use KVM virtualization for our services. Virtual machine instances are billed hourly so that you only pay for what you need.

With instance pricing starting at just $0.0084/hour, you can move your infrastructure to the cloud without moving your cash along with it. We offer a wide range of VM configurations to suit the needs of any project.

Our cloud platform allows you to instantly deploy virtual machines. With cutting edge OpenStack and KVM software, we are able to provide extensive virtual machine management features including live snapshots, detachable volumes, and isolated networking.

Choose Your New Cloud Instance


Disk Space




SERVERCloud.X - CA - 512 CPU1 vCPU Core RAM512 MB HDD15 GB BANDWIDTH1000 GB COST$.0083 /Hr   |   $5.99 /Mo ORDERORDER NOW
SERVERCloud.X - CA - 1024 CPU2 vCPU Cores RAM1 GB HDD20 GB BANDWIDTH1500 GB COST$.0124 /Hr   |   $8.99 /Mo ORDERORDER NOW
SERVERCloud.X - CA - 1536 - SPL CPU1 vCPU Core RAM1.5 GB HDD15 GB BANDWIDTH2000 GB COST$.0124 /Hr   |   $8.99 /Mo ORDERORDER NOW
SERVERCloud.X - CA - 2048 - SPL CPU2 vCPU Cores RAM2 GB HDD20 GB BANDWIDTH2000 GB COST$.0180 /Hr   |   $12.99 /Mo ORDERORDER NOW
SERVERCloud.X - CA - 2048 CPU3 vCPU Cores RAM2 GB HDD35 GB BANDWIDTH2000 GB COST$.0236 /Hr   |   $16.99 /Mo ORDERORDER NOW
SERVERCloud.X - CA - 4096 CPU3 vCPU Cores RAM4 GB HDD70 GB BANDWIDTH2500 GB COST$.041 /Hr   |   $29.99 /Mo ORDERORDER NOW
SERVERCloud.X - CA - 8192 CPU4 vCPU Cores RAM8 GB HDD125 GB BANDWIDTH3000 GB COST$.069 /Hr   |   $49.99 /Mo ORDERORDER NOW
SERVERCloud.X - CA - 16384 CPU6 vCPU Cores RAM16 GB HDD250 GB BANDWIDTH4000 GB COST$.123 /Hr   |   $89.99 /Mo ORDERORDER NOW

The "X" Factor : What Makes Cloud.X™ Unique ?

XiNiX™ Cloud Hosting is extremely reliable and fully feature packed. You would be amazed at how easy it is to manage your clients and individual accounts. Cloud plans are well suited, and tailored specifically for hosting start-ups who want a smooth, and complete entrance into the hosting market.

High Quality Hardware and Network

XiNiX™ utlises the latest Server Hardware to deliver the best possible Hosting experiance to our clients.

We use highly performant and reliable hardware, with pure SSD or SSD-cached RAID10 storage, dual Intel Xeon CPU's, 10-gigabit/sec ports, redundant power systems, and backup switches and routers.

Our Montreal and Roubaix locations feature premium DDoS filtering to keep your services online even in the face of network-level denial of service attacks.

Our Network Details & Test IPs

Toronto, Canada :

Located in the Cogent Toronto facility, our Toronto location features a 10-gigabit/second network with redundant uplinks and power supply systems. Utilizing Intel Xeon CPUs, quality Cisco switches, and 10-gigabit/second fiber ethernet, we are able to offer a superior network architecture and large bandwidth allocations. SSD host nodes in Toronto boast dual Xeon E5-2670 CPUs with a pure SSD RAID10 storage array. Host nodes for SSD-cached plans are equipped with dual Xeon L5639 CPUs and RAID10 HDD storage cached with an array of enterprise SSDs.

Test IP:

Montreal, Canada :

Our Montreal services are hosted in OVH's BHS datacenter. We feature OVH's premium DDoS filtering system to keep your applications online even in the face of malicious network-layer denial of service attacks. Our hardware includes Xeon E5-2650 v2 CPUs and a 10 gbps internal network.

Test IP: .

Cloud.X : The Powerful Features

We offer a wide range of cloud features built on top of the OpenStack platform and KVM virtualization to fit your needs, no matter the kind or the scale of your application. We designed our control panel to make these features easily accessible so you can get started right away.

Custom Images : Upload your own ISO images and qcow2 templates to our control panel, and immediately begin provisioning from them.

ISO images: After provisioning a VM from an ISO installation image, you can proceed with installation over VNC; a JavaScript noVNC client is available, but you can use your own desktop VNC client if desired. Once installation is completed, a single click will swap the boot order and bring your VM online. You can snapshot the resulting disk state so that additional virtual machines can be cloned, avoiding the need for further manual installation from ISO.

Tenant Networks : Tenant networks are isolated virtual networks. Virtual machines provisioned on tenant networks can acquire any IP address in the assigned private subnet, enabling more complex network architectures. Scalable load balancers can be created in tenant networks to balance requests between several VMs.

Uptime Monitoring : Our fault-tolerant uptime monitoring system allows you to quickly setup checks to make sure your application is running smoothly. HTTP, TCP, ICMP, and SSL service monitoring are all supported. Notifications can be sent via e-mail, a phone call, SMS, or as an HTTP request to a custom URL.

VPS Snapshots : Rollback Any Time !

Snapshots :

You can snapshot your VM at any time to extract the current disk state. Both live snapshots and cold snapshots can be taken: live snapshots are taken while your VM is running, and the snapshot operation is performed without any downtime; cold snapshots simply copy your VM's disk while it is offline, and may be preferable in some situations.

Security Groups :

Security groups allow you to define ingress and egress traffic restrictions on groups of virtual machines. Unlike iptables and similar firewalls that run inside your VM, security groups are enforced at the infrastructure level; this removes the possibility of accidental firewall deactivation.

Security group rules can be defined based on source/destination CIDR or security group.

For example, you might create one security group for your database cluster and another for your application instances; the database security group would only allow database connections from the application security group, while the application security group would only allow incoming traffic on the application port.

Total DDoS Protection : Our 20 Gbps DDoS Sheild

During a DDoS attack a website or an entire network are attacked by multiple computers at the same time. A failure of the server is mostly the consequence. Typically, DDoS attacker try to overload the access link, the firewall resources and, or the Web and database servers.

Thanks to the DDoS Protection at XiNiX powered by Voxility at the analysis of the related traffic data is quick. The traffic is adjusted by a cluster of filter systems, which is then transmitted to your server.

All our Cloud Hosted Clients protected with 20Gbps of Protection for Free. Additional Protection , Layer 4 - 7 is available as Addon.

We are Always there for You : The Real 24x7 Support

XiNiX's commitment to customer service is unparalleled in the industry with 24x7 expert local service available. We offer fast and friendly local expert assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You wont find that commitment of service, or expert level of staff anywhere but here at XiNiX .

  • Sales : Sales@xinix.us , sales@xinix.in
  • Technical Support : support@xinix.us , support@xinix.in
  • Ticket Support : Open a New Ticket Here

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